Education for Sustainability is an approach to teaching and learning that that equips students, teachers, and school systems with the new knowledge and ways of thinking we need to achieve economic prosperity and responsible citizenship while restoring the health of the living systems upon which our lives depend.

What is The EfS Collective?

The EfS Collective is a group of scholars, researchers and practitioners who are interested in advancing Education for Sustainability (EfS). We believe that in order to accelerate and scale EfS in formal education we need to provide educators with exemplary content and tools that reflect and are aligned to the EfS Benchmarks.

We want to increase the quantity of high quality EfS curricula and learning experiences, designed, delivered and assessed in schools and universities.

Exemplary Resources for Sustainability Educators

Animal and Environment Interdependence: Ecosystem Survey

Students perform an ecosystem survey of a local wildlife refuge before a major change is implemented to the ecosystem. The reservoir in the ecosystem will change from 30 acres to 10 acres effectively becoming 1⁄3 the size. This will happen as a result of replacing a smaller culvert with a much larger one.